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Triphasic Training Throwers Manual E Book
Triphasic Training Throwers Manual E Book
Price: $38.95

Release Date =October 15th 2017


The Triphasic Training Throws Manual was created with the purpose of making the most powerful training methods easily accessible by coaches and athletes everywhere. This manual provides a systematic training program intended to optimally develop the physical traits required for success in the throwing events.

The Triphasic Training Throws Manual is the culmination of knowledge from world-renowned strength-and-conditioning coach, Cal Dietz, and professional hammer thrower, Sean Donnelly. Together, the two combine their knowledge of elite athletic development to bring together a no-nonsense guide to efficiently and effectively developing the physical traits required to maximize a thrower’s potential.

Included in this manual:

A complete year-long macrocycle of training programs designed to develop elite throwers

Foundational concepts of Triphasic Training explained

Over 2,000 hyperlinks to video clips properly demonstrating every exercise

Exercise Regressions and modifications to make the program easily scalable for athletes of any experience

Important considerations for developing a throwing-specific training system