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XL Athlete strives to provide its clients with some of the best training equipment on the market today. These products have been extensively tested and used by the very same coaches who contribute to the XL Athlete website. We stand behind each piece of equipment offered here, and are proud to offer them to you.

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The Breath Belt
The Breath Belt
Price: $134.95

Developed by NFL Player, Jesse Ohliger, the BREATH BELT was created to solve a 10 year bout with chronic hip and low back pain. Several unsuccessful rehabilitations and surgery consultations later with the “best” NFL and NCAA clinicians, Jesse was driven to find what was holding back his progress. This lead the relentless mission to help himself and countless other NFL and NCAA players with similar issues. Drawing from numerous modalities including unconventional movement, yoga, classical pilates, anatomy and breath work, the best Injury Prevention tool for anyone with a pair of hips was conceived. It became clear that all modalities were missing something to connect breath mechanics to optimal hip function - as they are tied systems. It became evident that a tool was needed to help alleviate fascial restriction against gravity of the prime lumbar stabilizers, the PSOAS and QL.

The BREATH BELT is currently helping thousands of clients as well as numerous college and professional sports teams in corrective movement, rehab and Strength and Conditioning.

- Enhances Diaphragmatic Breathing improving Performance and Recovery
- Activates the Abdominals helping Stabilize the Hips and Lumbar Spine &
Reducing back pain

- Enhances Strength and Reduces Risk of Injury
THE BREATH BELT helps each athlete to focus on BREATH, STABILITY AND POSTURE in any movement, drill or exercise.