Hockey Juniors and AAA In-Season Online Training- Individual A Pair of XL Athlete Bands Light 1.125 inch
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XL Athlete Small Blue Band
18" Plyo Box Ice BCAA + Glutamine
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Ultra Peptide 2.0

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Being a lean gainer means being more than just a protein powder, you need the EFA's and you need to think of this as a whole meal.  This includes macronutrients and micronutrients.  Therefore, just as Mother Nature devised with her infinite wisdom, we include a maintenance dose of creatine monohydrate, just like what's found in a typical serving of red meat.  Also for soothing of the gut and hydration we chose to use a functional amount of rice oligodextrin, as the better your gut health, the better your gains!

All in all Xtreme Formulations believes Ultra Peptide 2.0 is the finest protein gainer in it's class.  We believe once you try it, experience the taste and results you won’t have reason to go back.

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