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On site Consulting for Athletes in Minneapolis-2 days Level 2
On site Consulting for Athletes in Minneapolis-2 days Level 2
Price: $2,250.00



The following is the complete assessment that will be completed by elite level coaches in Minneapolis. These testing protocols include 5 major assessments, which, combined, cover over 100 individual testing variables.

Not for High School Athletes.

Level 2 Difference this includes all of level 1 (Read Below) and also Genetics Testing and Tissue analysis.

1) Nutritional Assessments

XL Athlete offers consultation and daily guidance in regards to ideal consumption of nutrients for each individual athlete. These guidelines consist of nine separate programs the athlete can choose to follow, all based on the type of training completed that day. Every athlete will also receive supplementation and other restoration protocols provided to them, based on their needs. If the athlete is in the Minneapolis area, hormonal profiling, as described below, will be completed for supplementation protocols.

2) On-Site Physical Testing Evaluation

The testing protocol used, which will be completed on-site, will be determined based on the age and competitive event of the athlete. The results from these tests will be used to create the athlete’s individual annual program. This testing will also include the Functional Human Diagnostics System, which is a portable, non-invasive device that will be provided. This technology allows for a comprehensive assessment of the athlete’s current state of physical readiness prior to competition and/or training. This system has been used by various professional athletes around the country with great success.

The Functional Human Diagnostics System is based on an ‘integrated systemic approach’ which allows for the assessment of short- and long-term adaptational changes that occur within the body. Monitoring these changes allows efficient and proper management of the athlete’s preparation, which results in the optimization of training loads for each individual athlete. This allows a coach to reach optimal results with the fewest adaptational costs.

As the diagnostics system provides real-time physiological feedback, the athlete can dictate the needs of his or her training methods for that day in an immediate fashion. This allows the athlete to improve their stress resistance and work capacity as needed on an individual basis, while avoiding overreaching that may lead to overtraining. These changes in training will also lead to a reduction in the risk of illness and injury, while enhancing the ability to perform.

The Functional Human Diagnostics System provides the following information to our experts:

Cardiac readiness

Metabolic readiness

Central nervous system readiness

Gas exchange readiness

Detoxification readiness

Hormonal system readiness

Neuromuscular potential

Regulatory mechanisms of hypophyseal adrenal axis

Regulatory mechanisms of gas exchange,

Cardiopulmonary and detoxification systems

Central nervous system

Autonomic nervous system

3) Hormonal Profile Assessment

This non-invasive protocol allows various hormonal levels to be assessed. These hormone levels can be used as various indicators in regards to athletic performance as well as the overall adaptations occurring due to training.

4) Annual Program for the athlete of many levels

Our experts will build an individualized training program based on every athlete’s testing results and the requirements of the event the athlete competes in. We currently create programs ranging from youth to Olympic level athletes that are all specific to their individual needs. Annual programs will include bi-weekly to monthly program changes that shift based on the focus and development needs of the athlete. This program will be hyperlinked and supported by a video library of over 3,000 exercises, with coaching cues included for each training exercise. This will ensure every athlete has the ability to properly understand the training session they are completing.

5) Functional Movement Assessment

A functional movement assessment will be completed which assists in overall injury prevention and screening. Our experts will then create a complete protocol in regards to correcting all compensation patterns, which occur due to training and/or previous injuries.

6) Neurological Reprogramming

Neurological assessments and motor reprogramming sessions will take place to ensure every athlete can train properly and perform optimally. This reprogramming rids the athlete of any potentially injury causing compensation patterns that were identified during the functional movement assessment, allowing for a reduced injury likelihood.

You will receive 15 hours of consultation via phone or internet. This can be about the program you receive or any sport related subjects such as injuries, rehab, nutrition, ect. We generate reports for your Strength Coaches and/or personal trainers who we can also consult with.

For more information setup time to schedule a call to hear more about the this Program contact, Cal Dietz at cal.dietz@gmail.com

Also Contact for team or group pricing.

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